push present.


The “push present” is a fairly new term and tradition. Some people love it and others think it’s just silly… regardless of how you feel, when your husband gives you a gift and says this is for you for doing such a great job during pregnancy you just smile and accept. My push present came at christmas and I was overwhelmed. My husband did amazing and I can’t wait to wear it. (I have decided not to share what’s inside that little box until baby is born because it has to do with the name and we chose to wait to share that)

love notes.


Sometimes I take trips home without my husband and I usually try to do something special for him before I leave… The last time I took a trip I decided I was going to write him a little love note or make a drawing for every single day I was gone. I then put them in numbered envelopes and told him to open one everyday I was away. It was a lot of work but beyond worth it. It was a nice reminder to him that I loved and missed him and even though I was out of town I was still thinking about him. If you have the time before a long trip I think it’s such a nice way to show someone some extra love while you’re away.



My husband is a horse lover (any animal really) but especially horses and we decided to take advantage of the Odesseo show while it was here in Vancouver. We paid the extra money for the better seats and VIP lounge extras and it was totally worth it! Especially while being pregnant. They had a special room with a buffet and drinks all set up for us and a nice little photo book as a free keepsake. In addition to all that the show is fantastic! So amazing to see in person. They have horse riding tricks, crazy acrobatic dancers, special circus type acts (like silks & rings) and the live band is great! We were not permitted to take photos during the show but as part of the “VIP” ticket you get to go back to the stables to see the horses after the show (so awesome). To be honest neither of us knew what to expect so we were totally blown away. If you love any of those things or just want a fun date night and the show is in your area I highly recommend seeing it!




me moment.


It is so incredibly important to take a “me moment” those days you feel like things aren’t going your way, or things just seem overwhelming. I hope everyone takes a nice “me moment” this weekend- whether it be a yoga class, getting some reading done, or just enjoying a nice almond croissant!



{trees look good in snow}

Although I’m not a fan of cold I have to say this winter has been particularly enjoyable. We have had a couple of snow days here in Vancouver which is kinda unusual so we took advantage and made them as fun as we could. I love making these memories with my husband and it makes me even more excited for our baby!

{we built a pregnant snow woman}

{we built a pregnant snow woman}

{our snowy street}

{our snowy street}

Hello 2014!

ImageSo, it has been a long, long time since I last blogged. At a certain point life got busy and I just wasn’t feeling as inspired as I should have been to be posting regularly so I thought a short little creative inspiration break was necessary… it soon turned into a long life changing creative break. In the past year life has been crazy, amazing, and eventful. Since the last time I put fingers to keyboard many things have changed! My husband and I are expecting our first baby soon… how soon? Pretty much any day now… I know, I know, you’re thinking this seems like the worst possible time to start blogging again- but the truth is I felt like it was a good time to ease back into it. I’m not saying I’ll be posting regularly but I feel like with all the changes in life right now it will be a nice little outlet for me to focus my extremely little “me” time on. Sharing things that make me happy is why I started this blog in the first place and I couldn’t be more happy with life right now. So, with all that being said I hope I can keep up with this and expand my little outlet into something better than I ever imagined!

Chihuly glass museum.


{one of my favorite rooms}

While on our tip, we decided to duck into one of the museums during a rainy day. I was actually pretty excited because my glass curiosity has continued to grow immensely since visiting Murano Island in Italy (see that post here). I was totally blown away by this exhibit. Dale Chihuly has created so many different glass pieces ranging from chandeliers to garden flowers. It was definitely one of the highlights of our trip so I thought it deserved it’s very own post!


{in the green house}


{just some of the chandeliers}


{a section outside in the actual garden}


{this was one of my favorite pieces in the garden}