Family BBQ!

Last weekend Disney hosted a family BBQ for the project “Big Hero 6”. It was so nice to get to spend some time with my husband other than Saturday nights and Sundays. We got to eat, socialize, and check out some scenes from the movie! All in all it was pretty fun… We are still getting use to the whole “family” thing (meaning sometimes it’s hard to still hang out with those friends without babies) so we are skeptical to attend events unless they are kid friendly and what’s more kid friendly than Disney?! Avery enjoyed himself so much he passed out before our picture… Although in my opinion, sleeping babies are the sweetest!



What a week! Today, especially, has been quite eventful so I’m hoping for a low key and relaxing weekend. Also, when you have a baby I think it’s mandatory to own these shirts, truer words have never been printed! On that note- happy weekend, Hope you’re not to tired to enjoy some fun!

Halfy Birthday!

Today Avery is 6 months old! I can’t even believe it… He is crawling, sitting on his own, and trying new foods. I definitely miss how tiny and fresh he was 6 months ago but I do love his little personality developing more and more. Also, although he is a pretty high energy baby, we still have moments of sweet cuddles which I am savoring even more these days. Now, to start planning his 1st birthday!!


If you can dream it, you can do it!

You guessed it, we visited Disneyland over the weekend! Since we typically start our day around 6-6:30 now we figured we would take advantage and get an early start to avoid the crowds and the heat. We only stayed for about 3 hours but managed to get pretty much everything we wanted to do with Avery done. We got photos with Mickey, Goofy, and Pluto, went on the “it’s a small world” ride, and did some shopping for Avery’s first pair of ears of course!




Avery was pretty excited the whole time we were there… Taking it all in and even having the most adorable interaction with Cruella De Vill, as she was sayin “oh this one hasn’t even got his spots yet” Avery reached out to touch her… She then broke character for just a minute to let him hold her red gloved finger and say hello little guy. It was my favorite part of the whole day. So thank you Cruella for havering that special moment with Avery!



Hello weekend!


Happy Friday! We plan on knocking out a couple of things on our summer bucket list and also baby proofing because someone started crawling yesterday! He isn’t fully mobile yet but he can certainly get where he wants to go now. A few weeks ago he started the plank position and then rocking on his knees and now he crawls a few seconds and then kinda launches himself forward and then does it again. It’s pretty entertaining to watch. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Mom to Mom.


After having Avery and then moving I had to kind of start over in a way. I left my friends and their babies that I planned on having play dates with. Really, I had to let go of the whole idea of what life with a baby would be like. All those “I’ll take him to this park” and “go to this music class” was over. I was overwhelmed thinking about having to make friends in a new place with a baby- It seems impossible! ┬áIt took me a couple months but I was finally able to go to the local Mommy Meetup and it was so amazing to meet some other Moms and for Avery to get some extra social interaction (other than this). I really think it’s so important for Mom’s to have a support system and I would encourage all the Mom’s out there to look into doing something like this in their area. I have found that as I am becoming more involved with social baby and me type activities the happier we both are. It gives me something to look forward to during the week and honestly sometimes you just need that when you are having a bad teething day or had a bad nights sleep. As for Avery, I think he is just a social butterfly that loves being in social settings. Although this time he was just infatuated with the grass… it was new to him and I’m just glad he didn’t pull it out and put it straight in his mouth (which is pretty much what he does with anything in his hands).


Summer bucket list.


Since it is officially summer I am trying to take full advantage of everything summer related, that’s why I made a summer bucket list so we can make some amazing memories!

1. Watch a sunset at the beach

2. Lot’s of pool lounging

3. Make homemade popsicles

4. Watch fireworks

5. Eat BBQ!

6. Picnic at the park

7. Take an adventure to Disneyland

8. Make fresh lemonade

9. Go to the farmers market

10. Eat as many smores as posible

5 months & fancy.


Avery is five months old! Every time I take his monthly photo I think… how is he already this old? It’s so true what they say- it all goes way to fast! At five months old he is figuring out he has a tongue and lips so he is making more sounds than just cooing (it’s hysterical). He has been teething since about 3 and half months so he has his good and bad days with that, but that little bottom tooth is making it’s way out. Also he is officially in the grabbing stage… He grabs everything and then it goes straight in his mouth!

Canada Day!

IMG_3394One of my absolute favorite things about having a baby is celebrating holidays. Even though we are no longer in Canada and my husband and I are not Canadian I still want to celebrate for him since he is a duel citizen… plus I will never object to a fun day with my boy! So, happy Canada day to all the Canadians out there!!

Baby and me yoga!


While I was pregnant I started taking prenatal yoga… I had never taken yoga before but thought it might be the best time to try it out and surprise, surprise I loved it! It truly helped me during my labor and I was excited to take Avery to the baby and me yoga class when he was old enough… Then came the move and things got shaken up. My husband being the amazing guy he is found a baby and me yoga class close to our new apartment for us to try out. Turns out Avery loves going even more than I do! So now it’s a twice a week thing- it’s amazing meeting other Moms and watching Avery interact with the other babies!!