creature comforts.

our living room area

After almost a year and a half of long distance my fiance’ and I are finally in the same city. I moved to Los Angeles about 6 months ago and I thought I had a sense of what our apartment would be like. Needless to say that quickly changed. My fiance’ had some great furniture from west elm but it was lacking that comfortable home-y feel I was use to. I immediately started my quest for the essentials of a cozy home. I found myself drawn to simple black and white patterned throw pillows, ornate gold mirrors, and LOTS of candles. Our apartment is far from complete (maybe because I don’t want to give up my hours of walking around homegoods) but I’m happy to say it has come a long way. I find more and more that I’m collecting sleek modern pieces to match his more contemporary style and ornate pieces to satisfy my traditional take on things. As for now I’m on the hunt for the perfect nightstand (for my side) so it must be equipped to hold my night time needs like hand lotions, magazines, and everyday jewelry.

bedroom with my favorite mirror


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