fabulous friday.

great weather at santa monica pier

Fridays for me usually consist of running errands and doing whatever I need to do before the weekend. There are a number of things that I find utterly fabulous throughout the week and this week they seem to be more important to me because of the tragic events in Japan. I plan on spending my weekend with my fiance’ who I barely see during the week due to his 12 hour work days, enjoying great weather predicted for the entire weekend, and eating a lot of frozen yogurt! Without further adieu here are the things that make my friday fabulous.

1. Having this blog that gives structure to my daily routine.
2. A new trailer for a movie my fiance’ has been working on was released here yesterday.
3. Sunny, warm weather in Los Angeles.
4. Flowers that last longer than a week.
5. My kitten being so good it kinda has me worried.
6. Today marking 3 weeks and 1 day until my wedding!

these flowers have lasted at least 2 wks

my mischievous kitten behaving.


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