different world.

perfect Friday night.

Almost Famous is easily one of my all time favorite movies. Every time I watch it I feel as though I should have been coming of age durning the 70’s. It makes me feel like I got a glimpse into a secret world. After I watched it for, I don’t know, the hundredth time this past weekend I felt inspired to take polaroid pictures, listen to Elton John, and pull out my bell bottoms. The reasons I can watch this movie over and over again are simply the fantastic cinematography, stellar soundtrack, and of course the great complex characters. Penny Lane (Kate Hudson) encompasses what I feel is the epitome of 70’s hippie glamour. There is nothing better than billowy sheer blouses and Levi bell bottoms. My love for Lester Bangs (Philip Semour Hoffman) character is unwavering. In my opinion he is the most interesting character with the best lines of the movie. That being said I will end this post with my favorite Lester Bangs quote.

“The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool.”

Penny Lane inspired clothes.

some of my favorite polaroids.


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