in love with love

engagement photo by Anna Driver-Bishop

Getting engaged was one of the most exciting times of my life. After a couple months of just enjoying the engagement- wedding plans ensued. I thought I had an idea of what the wedding should be like… Once I actually started planning things quickly changed. Initially, we wanted a small outdoor wedding with a less party like reception in September. What we’re having is a small indoor wedding with a party like reception in April. I have to say that things worked out for the best though. I love spring time in Savannah, GA and we happen to be getting married on our 3 year anniversary. When it came to the details I spent hours upon hours researching online. The Knot was my go to source. So, here is a list of some details that we thought would make our special day that much more special.

  1. Having an all white cake with a bow on top. I love bows.
  2. Although Spring weddings usually entail pastel colors, I chose a sapphire blue.
  3. I will carry Lilies in my bouquet because my Mom did.
  4. We are having a candy bar because we both love gummie bears, and chocolate.
  5. My fiance will have grooms cupcakes instead of a regular cake.
  6. Having candle centerpieces makes it more romantic. No unnecessary flowers.
  7. Having a more upbeat first dance to “You are the best thing” Ray LaMontagne.
  8. Going out in downtown Savannah, with friends, after the reception ends at 11


2 thoughts on “in love with love

  1. You were a beautiful bride, even the Rabbi said you both were the most beautiful couple he has married. Now that was a great statement. Plus so adorable on the dance floor, we enjoyed watching you both having so much fun!

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