cross country.

some of my favorite shoes

Travel is always kind of tricky. Trying to pack efficiently is something I have always struggled with. Most of the time it seems like I never have the right type or quantity of clothing for my trips. I’m hoping I got it right this time though. I will be in Georgia until my wedding next week and then Florida for the honeymoon. I feel like I have been collecting clothes and accessories for a year just preparing for this trip- Ok, maybe I have… On Monday night I spent a ridiculous amount of time laying out every outfit with matching accessories and shoes. For me, this makes it easier to edit things to what I really need; instead of the seven pairs of shoes I thought I needed. Flying across the country is never that fun but knowing I have great clothes to wear when I reach my destination makes me feel a lot better about it.

a good mix of tops


simple classic jewelry


2 thoughts on “cross country.

  1. For packing it sometimes is better to roll the clothes in plastic bags, or use tissue paper. I think the plastic keeps them from wrinkling. Try it on a sort journey.

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