dining in.

Not that long ago I was your typical twenty-something girl that didn’t know how to cook, nor did I have any interest in learning. Don’t get me wrong, I could make grilled cheese and pasta (store bought of course) or even whip up a good salad but I never really had a reason to do any heavy cooking. I usually ate out but after moving in with my fiance I decided it was time for me to at least try and become more domestic. It turns out, I love cooking. I don’t consider myself a good cook but I’m still learning and I enjoy it. One of the first things I made sans recipe was a my own take on stir-fry.

I started by cutting up 1 red pepper, 1 (medium) zucchini, and 1 (medium) yellow squash. I then diced two cloves of garlic and added it to a pan with about a tablespoon of butter on medium heat. After a couple of minutes I added the vegetables and some fresh lemon juice (one half of a lemon) then salt and pepper to taste. Letting that simmer I cleaned about a half pound of fresh shrimp to add. Since shrimp take about 2 minutes to cook I waited until the vegetables were almost done before adding them. After adding the shrimp I poured some soy sauce to taste and let simmer until the shrimp were done. When it is finished it’s much lighter than traditional stir-fry but still has the taste. I like this dish on it’s own because the lemony flavor is so good but for my fiance I usually make rice in addition.


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