happy in love.

found this street on our honeymoon. kinda perfect for the occasion.

If there is anyone, anyone at all out there that follows my blog you may have noticed I was absent this past week. I got married on April 2nd and then we were off to Florida for our Honeymoon. Since there was no internet connection available at the condo we stayed in I was forced to take a break from my blog and all things internet. Honestly, I think I needed it. It took me about three days to relax and finally unwind from all the crazy wedding activities. I am happy to report I am back in Savannah for a few days before heading to Los Angeles to start my married life. Of course I have a ton of new and exciting things to share but I figured I would start the week off by just saying how thrilled I am to be married! The whole experience has been amazing and I’m just so happy with life right now.

so happy in love.


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