Being on vacation allows me wear things I normally wouldn’t. I have a wide selection of clothing in my closet ranging from Marc Jacobs to Target. I usually pair expensive pieces with inexpensive pieces because I buy what I like and what I can afford. While on my honeymoon I strayed from my normal outfit formula and wore what was comfortable. This top and skirt are both from Forever 21 and the total cost was probably $15 dollars. It was the most comfortable outfit I have ever worn out (without it looking like gym clothes). I love the color combination and plan on wearing it more often. Since I wore it to dinner I decided to dress it up a little with lots of bracelets, two of my favorite necklaces, and of course my wedding rings.

gifted flur de lis necklace, grandmothers sapphire necklace

coral t-shirt, navy knit skirt


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