be a girl.

It is inevitable that a girl will wrack up a collection of makeup over time. With that being said, I have limited storage space available in the bathroom so I decided to do a little spring cleaning and organize my makeup box (because I don’t have a drawer). I found that I have an inordinate amount of bare essentials- thanks to my Mom and so much eye shadow I don’t think I could ever use it all. My husband thinks I don’t need to wear makeup (so sweet) but the truth is, I love to play with different looks. Doesn’t every girl?… When I was little I played dress up all the time and though my makeup skills have improved I find I am still that “girly-girl” playing dress up in the morning.


3 thoughts on “be a girl.

  1. I’m the same way…well I was. Then I felt overloaded with the sheer amount of bottles and containers. So I traded it all in for sets .. lots of choices not as many containers lol

  2. today is my first day wearing bare escentuals, and i can’t believe i’m so behind on this bandwagon!! this stuff is magic, looks natural, not heavy. amazing, i’m hooked!

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