Friday holiday fun.

I found these at target and couldn't resist.

For years I would take holiday trips with my parents because if there was a long weekend you could bet they were going somewhere. This Memorial Day weekend is very different for me… It’s my first being married, the first not traveling, and my first spent in L.A. Since I’m not quite sure how I feel about all the change I plan on just focusing on the fun. I made some delicious snacks and decorated a little because in my book holidays and fun go hand in hand.

I made chocolate and peanut butter chocolate dipped pretzels.

I plan on drinking plenty of homemade vanilla ice coffee. My current obsession.

Finally, a legitimate reason to use these ice swards!


3 thoughts on “Friday holiday fun.

  1. You look so cute in your red dress. Where did you get the ice swards? Hope you and Alex and Salmon are enjoying your new life. Love the picture of you, Salmon and the cute cake. I have a bunch of cookie cutters, they are mostly copper from William and Sonoma. I have collected them through the years, also they are large cookie cutters if you would like any let me know. I haven’t seen you do any cookies in your cooking. Most of them are Easter, Christmas I’ll have to look at them and take some pictures if you want me to do that let me know or John.

    Hugs from Nokomis

  2. Oh my gosh, ok, I am drooling all over my keyboard. Those chocolate and peanut butter pretzels sound soooo good. Especially with a homemade ice coffee. For some reason I’ve never thought to make my own ice coffee… I’m totally going to do that now!

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