let them eat cake!

{funfetti cake with fondant}

After our wedding a couple of months ago I decided I really wanted to test myself and make a fondant cake. I have made hundreds of cupcakes and dozens of cookies but I honestly can’t remember a time when I baked a cake. So, last week I decided it was now or never. Making the fondant was surprisingly easy, I used this recipe and the only thing I could have done differently is roll it out a little thinner. Now, the interesting part came after pulling the cake out of the oven and letting it cool. I realized our kitchen must be slanted because the cake was completely lopsided. It looked like the first tier to a crazy Alice in wonderland cake. Nonetheless, I decided to continue on this crazy cake journey… I free handed a simple flower design that came out decent enough; and by that time I never wanted to see a cake again. All in all not my best baking adventure but I’m not ruling it out forever, I know practice makes perfect.

{side view- you can really see how uneven it is here}

{and just for fun our not so camera shy cat decided to get in on the action}


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