curly hair, don’t care.


Most people want what they do not have and that was certainly the case for me. I’ve had curly hair all my life but all I ever wanted was for it to be straight. Therefore, I tortured my curls for years with blow dryers and straightning irons. A couple of years ago I was working full time and unconsciously made the decision to stop pretending I had something I didn’t- straight hair. Once I started wearing my natural curls I slowly started to see the plus side of embracing the look. My morning routine was drastically reduced, my hair was much healthier, and I got tons of compliments. It may have taken me about 12 years but I finally embraced my crazy, curly, knoted hair.


2 thoughts on “curly hair, don’t care.

  1. My hair is painfully flat and lifeless in the back, and slightly wavy on the sides. So when it’s long, it always looks like I’ve slept on the back or something because it’s plastered to my head, and then the sides go poofy. That’s why I cut it short!!! That’s awesome that you can embrace your natural hair – from the pictures, it looks fantastic! 😀

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