old fashioned ice cream.

One weakness I do not fight is my love of ice cream. I could eat it any time of day, every day. Breyer’s vanilla, oreo mcflurry, frozen yogurt etc., etc.. You name it, I’ll eat it. Since living in L.A. I have driven past Foster’s Freeze a dozen times and I have always wanted to stop and treat myself to a cold creamy delight. The problem was I never had the time, or I had just finished eating, or a million other reasons. Finally, my husband surprised me with a impromptu visit and that’s just one of the many reasons I love him.

{classic chocolate dipped vanilla cone for me}

{cup of dirt for the husband}


2 thoughts on “old fashioned ice cream.

  1. You look adorable, I see the RING, something he is soooooooooo proud of. I looked at almost all the wedding pictures, they are all nice. Ummmmmmmmmmmmm that ice cream looks good. I heard that you might be coming her sometime, we are looking forward to see you both and treating you both. Such a sweet couple! You both bring a smile to my face.

    Love You both!

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