treasure chest.

I recently received a care package from my parents. It contained some cute broach pins from a trip they took to New Orleans and it got me thinking about all the tiny treasures I’ve collected over the years. My Grandmother left me all her costume jewelry and I usually wear a piece every day, my Mom gives me old sentimental pieces she no longer wears, and I have started my own collection from my travels. These little things can change my mood or remind me of a certain feeling or memory which (I guess) plays into why they are my favorite items in the little treasure chest on my dresser.

{cocktail ring anyone?}

{Navajo made horse charm from Sedona, my new favorite necklace}

{lion, snowflake, and starburst oh my! vintage pins gifted from my Mom}

{new rooster from New Orleans, he will live on my red winter coat this year}


4 thoughts on “treasure chest.

  1. i fell in love with your jewellery.
    i have a little elephant hanging around my neck, but most of my jewellery is from the market, costs 2-5 dollars and gives me blue fingers and a red neck 😦
    i envy you for having all these beautiful things. enjoy them 😉

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