days go by.

{sitting on my balcony drinking lemonade has become a daily thing}

To say I have been enjoying this summer is an understatement. I have truly slowed down and taken everything in. Appreciating the small things has never been so sweet. I have always longed for that fantasy Parisian lifestyle… coffee at a quaint cafe (at an outside table, of course), sitting on the edge of La Rive Droite eating a baguette, strolling down the Chams Elysees- Le Sigh… OK back to reality; since my visit to Paris last year I have wholeheartedly embraced the leisurely way of life. That is why sitting outside every day, eating fresh fruit and vegetables, and yes, designer goods have become a huge part of my summer bucket list. Having down time to just think, people watch, or create should be a priority to everyone- not only in summer but in life.

{surprise gift- be on the lookout for these in future outfit posts!}

{I will find any excuse to eat this daily}

{I keep my beach bag packed for impromptu outings}


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