just add sprinkles.

Any kind of rough day should end with something sweet and that is exactly how my day ended. My husband and I got up early and went horseback ridding by the Hollywood sign. It was my first time riding a horse and I can honestly say it may not have been the best first experience. Next time I will probably opt for a less extreme terrain. See, the older I get the more my fear of heights grows and riding a horse for the first time on the very edge of a cliff was not so smart. Also, my horse (Ace) was a little bit of a rebel and didn’t want to follow in line or stop when I said whoa and in addition to all that he also walked me right through a tree that had vicious branches (my arm is the proof). Anyway I did it for my husband and I’m happy I tried something new because I got to reward myself with a little treat.

I have been wanting to try this for months now and the horseback riding gave me a reason to. It’s so simple and yet so genius! Just buy your favorite ice cream sandwich and dip the edges in sprinkles. Fun, pretty, and delicious. Lets face it, sprinkles make everything better and when you’ve had a day like mine, well, you need the sprinkles. My next adventure may end with a sprinkle rimmed milk shake.


One thought on “just add sprinkles.

  1. They do look delicious! I think you both are getting to truly enjoy life at it’s fullest. We think of you both often and hope to someday come visit in Vancover. We dicussed it with your Mom and Dad and they want to visit also. Hugs

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