Read all about it! pink and plum is moving!!

image via pinterest

Yes, after almost a year here in Los Angeles I’m packing it all up. My husband and I will be moving to Vancouver in a couple of weeks. That’s right, Vancouver as in Canada. He had a chance to work on his dream project so he just couldn’t pass it up. As for me, I’m excited to start a new adventure in a different city living in a new apartment. Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately but as you now know it has been crazy time for us-  rest assured I plan on sharing all the new adventures coming up!


5 thoughts on “EXTRA, EXTRA!

  1. We do miss the photo’s but I am sure you will send some soon. Also include that handsome husband of yours, haven’t seen his picture for a while. It sounds sooooooooooooo exciting, we are all happy for you both! Enjoy every minute of your time there, but remember that it gets really cold in Canada!

  2. We will miss you– it seems like you just got here– but I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures in Vancouver (and seeing all those cold-weather outfits!).

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