out & about.

out & about in the city

H m jacket, 30
Jessica simpson booties, $120
Coach bag, $358
Tommy Hilfiger scarve, 65
Umbrella, 20
Tom Ford eyeglasses,sunglasses, €280
Buy Living in the City Wall Stickers, HI39147 online at JohnLewis.com…, 25

Moving to a city where walking is pretty much the only way to get around I have discovered you need a few things when you head out on your journey. Fall weather here is cool on days, rainy and overcast on others, and sunny if you’re lucky. That being said I have compiled a little list of things I discovered I may or may not need when leaving in the morning. Jackets and scarves are great for when the temperature cools down, I have been wearing blazers almost every time I head out. Also, I have up-graded my small bag with a larger carry all. It has been easier to always have sunglasses, an umbrella, and a place to tuck my jacket when it warms up. I threw in the leopard booties because I have decided they would be perfect for trekking around this fabulous city.


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