home front: 1st edition

{our living room, a work in progress}

It’s no secret I have moved and thus embarked on another decorating adventure. It may not be my strongest quality, but it’s one I am trying to develop. Therefore, I have decided to do a series of posts about all the rooms in our very tiny apartment. I figure if I share this it will force me to be more aware of the things that need to change, stay the same, or simply just be tweaked. So, first up is the living room. We both (as well as our cat) spend a lot of time here so it’s important for me to feel comfortable and cozy. Since it’s the center of our apartment I tried to make sure it felt like the friendliest area. I plan on doing a bit of entertaining once we make some friends and of course if family/friends visit! I love that my husband and I have somehow combined his contemporary minimalist style and my more traditional homey style in a seamless way.

{some of my favorite "love" things displayed on the t.v. shelf}

{lion from washington d.c. art museum & cat statue a gift from mom}


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