home front: 2nd edition

The second room of our new apartment I wanted to share is the kitchen. I actually really like the kitchen layout and it has been so nice to have more counter space to work- except I haven’t been doing too much cooking lately. See, until I moved in with my husband I had never really spent that much time in the kitchen, period, unless you count my Dad showing me how to season chicken… His version of cooking lessons. Anyway, I keep some very special items on display in the kitchen that I got on a vacation in Key West, they really brighten things up! That’s one thing I did learn from my parents; to buy special mementos or art work on vacations/trips. Almost all of my artwork has been purchased from trips I’ve taken. I feel like it really makes things personal and it’s a great conversation starter. The kitchen is a work zone in my opinion so I like things to be organized and easy to navigate. So far it’s the most complete room in the apartment.

{love my dish drainer}

{the key west rooster}


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