{top: forever21, jeans: old navy, sweater and bag: target, shoes: urban outfitters}

The leaves are quickly changing and falling all around this fabulous city! It’s somewhat of an exciting experience for me since in the south there are basically only two seasons- summer and winter. I love feeling the crisp, and pumpkin spice latte scented air. It has inspired me to start dressing a little more preppy, which is my favorite way to dress. The bow shirt and t-strap wedges are essential for the prep look ‘a la Blair Waldorf, and I’d like to think the “dictator of fashion” (a.k.a. Blair) would approve.


5 thoughts on “xoxo

  1. Loved the matzo soup, ummm, it truly looks good. You look so pretty with your plum color and your hair curled and love your makeup, you do an excellent job. Thank you so much for having this page so we can see you. Loved watching A eat his PBJ sandwich that is sometimes are the most comforting thing to eat when you feel at home. I have a few things to mail to you but I am still looking for a couple of little extras. John is wanting to get you guys a phone so we can call. We have the intrnational because we call our friends out of the country. You both take care, love the kitchen it is really nice and the roaster is great, they are good luck in the home. You both have a wonderful life, enjoy it. We are all so happy for you both. Love, Grandma!

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