finding my fragrance(s).

{my perfume collection}

I have spent years testing perfume after perfume and I am officially done! I have a small collection that I rotate depending on my mood and the season. I have found that my favorites are my wedding day perfume philosophy “falling in love” which I love to wear on special occasions and most anything by Estee Lauder. Of course I’m not opposed to trying a new scent, however, I am content knowing I have found a few that I can always return to. I have a fond memory of a trip I took to Boston with my parents years ago, while my Dad was in a work related conference my Mom and I spent the day at an art museum. We actually wondered into an extra exhibit that was an additional fee, which we hadn’t paid- then we noticed the security guy was kinda following us around… Turned out he just wanted to ask my Mom what perfume she was wearing (Burberry- I also love this one!) so he could buy it for his girlfriend. It always reminded me how powerful a perfume could be and that it was important to find one that complimented my pheromones.


2 thoughts on “finding my fragrance(s).

  1. hey! Thanks for the sweet comments! I can’t believe Savannah, GA is your home! My boyfriend is from there and I used to travel there (from Charleston, SC) every other weekend before he moved here. What a small world! Happy Friday!

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