Oh Monday!

I am currently cooking up a mini Thanksgiving dinner for the husband and I but I wanted to share a little bit of my day. I enjoyed my first Oh Henry! candy bar and I have to admit, it was much better than the packaging let on. It may become one of my go to candies even though I’ve never been that keen on candy bars (I’m much more a gummy bear girl). Our cat also decided she wanted in on the action so I snapped this picture as she tried to make what’s mine hers!


One thought on “Oh Monday!

  1. Love the pictures, the meal looked good and your outfit with the sweather looked very pretty on you. I also liked the pictures of the cookies and tea, pretty top! Love Salmon with the candy bar, she is just adorable. Looks like you are getting use to living in Vancouver! I told you Mom, perhaps if the bedroom is too small make the bedroom your family room and the family room your bedroom, it all looks so nice and neat that maybe that could work for you . I have a few things to mail to you, I will for sure do it first thing next week. Say hello to ‘A’

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