my surprise for him.

{birthday cupcakes}

 It was quite a weekend! Since it was my husbands birthday on Friday I wanted to do a little something special for him. I knew we were going to go out with a bunch of his friends later that night but I wanted to have a celebration with just the two of us first. I spent a few days getting some different items to create a cheese platter and of course champagne was a must. I had made cupcakes the night before so he could take them into work which he and his co-workers always seem to love (they already asked when the next batch will be coming haha). When he got home I had all the goodies spread out and a cupcake with a candle lit. Needless to say, he was surprised. It was so nice to have a little time to eat some cheese and crackers, drink champagne, and celebrate his first birthday in a new apartment, in a new city, with a great conversation about future adventures!

{the food & a homemade card}

{even though there was an octopus theme I couldn't resist the pink champagne}




2 thoughts on “my surprise for him.

  1. It was so nice to see your husband A, he is a sweetheart. Both of you look so well and happy. Enjoy this time and enjoy the change with the move to Vancouver. We are going to your Mom and Dad’s in the morning for the weekend. Hope we can call you while we are there.

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