Happy Halloween!

{ My husband and his friend as Happy Gilmore and Chubbs}

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays! My husband did a joint costume with one of his work friends so I was left to do my own thing this year. He always gets told he looks like Adam Sandler, Jason Biggs, or Freddie Mercury so he decided to embrace it this year as Happy Gilmore. The only problem was he had to wear a Boston Bruins jersey in Vancouver… Not the warmest reception. He got a couple boo’s but once he explained he was dressed up people were ok with it (I think having his co-worker dressed as Chubbs was also a plus). As for me, I decided to be something exotic. Bright, fluffy, and a little bit nerdy- a flamingo! Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween and eat lots of candy!!

(All of these pictures were taken with my phone, so sorry for the bad quality)

{flamingo and Happy Gilmore}

{even our cat has a halloween costume}


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