mini apple pies.

I was feeling a little fearless while preparing for our second Thanksgiving and I decided to try my hand at homemade apple pie. I found this recipe for the crust and it worked like a charm! Especially in my food processor. I also used this for the filling… I sometimes think mixing recipes works best. I started to get a little nervous after baking them (simply because it seemed too easy) but it turned out delicious. I was shocked how uncomplicated it all was and I seriously can’t wait to make it again. Also the fact that I made them individual sized made me even more happy. I’m glad I tried something new!

{use a large cup or mason jar to cut the crust dough}

{place the crust in a cupcake pan}

{put the filling in and cover with leftover crust}

{bake and devour!}


4 thoughts on “mini apple pies.

  1. Your great-grandmother would be very proud of you. She was an incredible cook, and baked the most delicious goodies, including fruit pies every holiday season! I’m happy to see that you are carrying on this tradition so beautifully and creatively! 🙂

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