new additions: birthday treats!

{rain boots- perfect for splashing around in this rainy city}

Not that I don’t like buying things for myself but I usually get way more excited about receiving a gift. It makes you feel special and loved and everyone needs to feel that way on their birthday. Yesterday started out normal enough and I didn’t even feel like it was my birthday. That all changed around lunch time though… My husband surprised me with lunch and gifts around noon so things quickly started feeling more festive. I am a very lucky girl and I know it! Rain boots, girly gloves, gift cards, movies, and a little bit of french flair made this birthday fantastic!

{crazy, stupid love, gift card, pandora bracelet (& snowflake charm), eiffel tower cookie cutter, and gorgeous gloves}


2 thoughts on “new additions: birthday treats!

  1. The boots are just too cute, we have them here in South Florida and we call them Nokomis boots, they are popular but white, I like the Hunter black ones.

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