snow bunny.

{when we first arrived at Cypress Mountain}

Being from the south I don’t have a natural aptitude for snow activities… On the other hand my husband hails from Massachusetts. I have been skiing on a couple different occasions and was decent enough at it- that was until I got to the top of a mountain in Canada (Cypress Mountain). At that moment I realized I may be a little bit out of my league. Canadians are on a whole other level of winter sports. The beginner mountains are like intermediate (or tougher) mountains in the states. It was not as fun as the other times I went (mostly because I could barely stay on my skis) but I’m hoping I become a little better with time. The upside to all the heights, falling, and cold you ask? Definitely the scenery. Breathtaking.

{Cypress Mountain}

{SO steep}


3 thoughts on “snow bunny.

  1. I have never been skiing before … I am slightly-deathly afraid of killing myself. You are very brave for going out and doing it. You are right the scenery is truly breathtaking. 🙂

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