crispy onion rings.

I had half an onion left over from dinner the night before and didn’t want it to go to waste… Then I remembered I could fry it up and make a great little snack. I found a recipe for buttermilk batter and it worked like a charm. A perfect way to use that extra onion or just get your fried food fix.

Recipe: 16oz buttermilk, 1tbs finely chopped parsley, 1/2 tsp chopped thyme, 7 1/2 oz flour, 1 tsp seasalt, 2 sweet onions, preferable oil (just fyi I didn’t follow these measurements since I only had half an onion, I only used as much flour and buttermilk as I thought I needed- small salad bowl full of each)

Mix buttermilk, parsley, and thyme in one bowl. Mix flour and salt in the other bowl. Dip onion in buttermilk mix, then flour mix, shake of residual flour and put in hot oil until golden crispy on each side.


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