paper anniversary.

{photo by anna kerns}

Today marks our first year of marriage. People always say the first year is the most difficult but I think we prove that theory wrong. Our first year has been nothing short of spectacular. I would have never thought marriage and building a life together could be so easy but for us it has truly been effortless. Since traditionally your first year is suppose to be a paper gift my husband did his own spin on it. I woke up to a paper scavenger hunt leading to several different treats hidden throughout our apartment. It was a fun morning to say the least. And my paper gift (because I did get a few other things I knew he wanted) was a little book of all my favorite moments from our first year with the last page being the “paper gift” of a gift certificate. So far it has been a magical day which will continue into a magical night because we have dinner reservations at our favorite restaurant!

Happy anniversary to my brilliant, hysterical, amazingly talented husband! Can’t wait for year two!!

{photo by anna kerns}


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