house a home.

{sea shells collected in Singer Island, and a Savannah table top book}

I’m still young and starting out but I have already started collecting meaningful pieces for our home. I love being surrounded by beautiful things and further more things that have a special meaning to me. While on my trip home I gathered sea shells on the beach in Florida, picked up a table top book in Savannah, and even acquired some sweet decorations from my favorite shop but my favorite new home accessory sits front and center on our coffee table- pewter candlestick holders. My Grandmother was nice enough to hand these down to my husband and I and we are thrilled to have them in our home. Not only are they gorgeous (and fit our decor perfectly) but the fact that they came from family means they will always be more special than the rest. I love having a little bit of family love in our home away from home.

{pretty wire letters adorned with pearls now hang over our bed}

{pewter candlestick holders from my grandmother}


One thought on “house a home.

  1. I can totally relate to this post. My boyfriend and I are in the same process of collecting meaningful pieces for our home. It takes time, but we’re having a lot of fun seeing our place transform into a place we can truly call our own. Those little personal touches really make a big difference. One of my favorite pieces is a little antique jewelry case from my mom. Your pewter candlesticks are gorgeous and the wire letters are such a sweet touch above your bed. We don’t have a headboard as of now so I’ve been trying to think of something creative to do above our bed as well. I love this idea! XO

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