arm charm.

{in order from top to bottom: brighton florida charm bracelet, tiffany heart, brighton lucky heart, and a paris charm bracelet purchased on my trip a few years ago}

The current “arm party” craze doesn’t really apply to me and I’ll tell you why… I am one of those people who have freakishly small arms. Most bangles are too big for my wrist and if I wear large cuffs they take up nearly half of my forearm. I have always, always loved bracelets though and further more charm bracelets. There is something sweet about a charm bracelet and I am more drawn to them over other styles. Of course I like to partake in my own version of the “arm party” but with smaller daintier looks. I also love that a charm bracelet can stand on it’s own. It’s my favorite for a little bit of arm charm.


One thought on “arm charm.

  1. I’m the same with the wrists!! It’s been a struggle to find bangles that fit, but I have a few now and love adding my charm bracelets to them as well 🙂

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