goodbye summer.

{cool boat at Granville Island}

Even though the leaves have already started to change and the air is a little crisper, I spent the weekend savoring what I could of summer. Eating outside, watching breathtaking sunsets, and enjoying some frosty drinks are just some of the things I’m sad to see fade away. It has been a great summer and I can honestly say Vancouver has to be one of the best places to take advantage of great weather, it was such a welcome treat. So, goodbye summer- can’t wait to see you again next year!

{frosty drinks at the pirates pub}

{outside dinner date on Granville Island}

{perfect weather for walks around the water}

{eating chips & guacamole every day}


3 thoughts on “goodbye summer.

  1. Nice pictures, even in Florida you can feel and smell the change in the air. Everyone says there is no seasons here in Florida but when you live here this long, yes there is a change (Santa) just kidding.

    Maybe we’ll get to see you in Savannah. I mention that I would love to see New York’s Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. Cindy also said she would too so hopefully we’ll get there.

    Judy Rauback 941-416-6162

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