game day.

{shirt: target, jeans & blazer: urban outfitters, shoes: michael korrs, bag: j.crew}

Since collage football season is upon us and I’m such an avid fan I figured I would share my favorite game day outfit. In the south, football season is serious business! Most girls wear their best team colored dresses and shoes topped off with their pearls of course- and that’s just fine by me but I have always been a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl when it comes to game day attire. I root for two teams, South Carolina (since I attended school there) and Florida (since that’s where my parents attended). One of my favorite things to wear is a vintage or vintage inspired t-shirt. I don’t know what it is but it just feels right wearing something a little old school. Other than that I try to keep things simple by adding a blazer and a great pair of shoes. I’d love to know what your game day go-to is!


3 thoughts on “game day.

  1. Hi Pam,

    You look nice in the Gator shirt. I usually do not watch them we are Seminole fans for Joey. There are enough Gators here in Florida so we support Joey’s University ‘Florida State’. But you look cute.

    We were at the condo Sunday, it was nice but we did not stay over.

    I had to visit the dentist this morning, first he was going to cap side front tooth then he change his opinion and prepped it for a veneer, he said they really look nicer than any other way of fixing a front tooth. My tooth turned a gray color and it bothered me so I have a temporary veneer for two weeks.

    Nothing else happening, I’m cooking short ribs, they are so delicious not difficult but they braise in the oven for 3 hours.

    Enjoy the nice weather while it last.


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