a birthday gift.

{my finished bag}

Giving gifts is one of my favorite things to do. I love the whole process… Looking for the perfect gift, adding a few little details, and wrapping it all up with some flair. When I was invited to a friends birthday dinner I immediately thought “What am I going to wear” and then “What can I bring”. I was brought up being taught you just don’t show up to a party or get together empty handed. To this day I still follow this simple rule. Sometimes I can’t be quite as creative or fancy but most times I can always find a few minutes to grab a bottle of wine, a great candle, or even just fresh flowers to give. Since I know the birthday girl, but not too well, I opted for a pretty classic gift. Mrs. Lillian’s Cocktail Swatchbook (get it here!). In addition to that I decided to put together a little straw/flagged toothpick bag (keeping with the cocktail theme). It was easy since I had everything I needed -I kind of just picked a few random colors and styles and threw them in a bag. Oh, and a simple handmade card to finish things off. I hope she likes it!

{what’s inside}


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