a girl about Vancouver: favorite food

{DD Mau, The Teahouse, Ramen Jinya, & Rodney’s}

This month marks one year of living in Vancouver! It’s so crazy to think about but I can honestly say it has been a fabulous year! I have loved being able to explore a new place and find new favorites so I decided I would do a little series of my personal Vancouver favorites. Up first, food. Vancouver has some seriously amazing restaurants! I doubt I’ve been to even a 1/3 of them but I have a couple that I like to keep in heavy rotation.

1. The Teahouse in Stanley Park (see more here!) perfect for special occasions!

2. Rodney’s Oyster House (see full post here!) Chain or not- I love the atmosphere and they know how to make a bowel of chowder!

3. DD Mau- This is one of my most favorite lunch spots. Vietnamese subs at their best, my favorite is the bbq pork. It is always so fresh and flavorful, the ingredients are spot on. Also, it’s perfect for those days you want to go sit in the park and eat.

4. Ramen Jinya- On those cold, rainy winter days my husband and I both love to go get a big bowel of Ramen. This place is always packed and once you’ve had a bowl you’ll know why. My favorite is the spicy chicken, it warms me right up!

5. The Templeton- this place serves up some truly fantastic breakfast, they don’t skimp on the portions either. It’s pretty small and always crowded but on those special days we decide to go; I enjoy bacon, eggs, and toast until I’m about to burst!


2 thoughts on “a girl about Vancouver: favorite food

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  2. Everything looks delicious and it sounds like you could stay there forever. I think I would like too spend a couple of days just going around eating.

    Judy Rauback 941-416-6162

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