a girl about Vancouver: favorite sights

{photo taken from the Cambie bridge}

Vancouver has to be one of the most picturesque cities I have ever lived in. The thing I love most about it is the fact that it has all the sky scrapers and city feel but it is also full of nature and beautiful parks. All while being on the water!  The balance of those things makes it a great place to live. So in my second edition of the series I want to share my favorite sights.

1. David Lam Park- this is one of the first parks my husband and I spent time in on those pleasant and sunny days. In fact, my husband and I still walk along the water there most nights.

2. Granville Island- I go here every chance I get! The market is incredible with everything you could ever want from fresh seafood (we always make a visit to the lobster man) and seasonal fruit and veggies galore, to specialty cheeses and knick nacks. I could spend the whole day there and not even realize it.

3. Sunset Beach- Over the summer I made a habit of enjoying as much time as possible here. I can assure you it is aptly named- the sunsets are unreal!

4. Gastown- offers up brick streets, adorable shops, and a great selection of restaurants. This part of town reminds me a little of  Savannah GA which hold a special place in my heart, I always enjoy any time I get to spend there. Especially when people get so excited about the steam whistle!

5. Stanley Park- I don’t know what to say about it other than it will bring out your outdoorsy side. Walking the trails, visiting the totem poles, and of course the aquarium- it’s a true Vancouver gem.


3 thoughts on “a girl about Vancouver: favorite sights

  1. Pam,

    It sounds like you could stay there Forever. Does Alex like it as much as you?

    The fresh seafood place I would love to have access to all the time.

    Are you keeping tabs on the weather temps for Italy?

    Judy Rauback 941-416-6162

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