drinks that sparkle.

Since I am one of those people who think presentation is everything I am always looking to make simple things a little more special. I love girls day with some of the other animation wives here in Vancouver and I decided to try some DYI projects to keep things fresh. Also, since I got Mrs. Lilians cocktail swatchbook I have become infatuated with drink stirrers. They are a simple way to make even lemonade or iced tea a little more festive!

{I chose gold & silver glitter paper and a circle punch but you could use countless different papers and shaped punches for this}

{once you have all your shapes punched out start gluing them on to the sticks- I used wood coffee stirrers}

{then glue another to the back- this is why I chose circles, they are easy to line up}

{ and lastly, press them together to make sure they won’t come apart}


2 thoughts on “drinks that sparkle.

  1. Hi Pam,

    This is so cute, I might try it in November. Sorry we couldn’t come up to see, I hope I’ll be well enough before you return to Vancouver.

    What phone are you using I could call you tomorrow.

    Judy Rauback 941-416-6162

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