strange collections.

{my straw collection}

Everyone has their fair share of collections but some of my favorite things are things that others would just find strange. For example: I have a serious fetish for straws, I use them pretty much every time I drink anything. I have plastic, paper, red, blue, striped, solid, I even have mustache clip ons… I admit it, it’s kind of absurd but they make me happy. In addition to that I have recently developed a love of washi tape, which I am currently trying to control (I’m up to 7). Other than that I’d say anything with cupcakes or a bow on it wins me over every time. I like to tell myself everyone has strange collections of things but I could be wrong… What do you collect, I’d love to know!

{this is just my bow jewelry- I also have shirts, skirts, and hair accessories}

{my washi tapes- notice that cupcake pen?}

{some of my favorite cupcake things}


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