cupcake cones.

My husbands birthday was a couple of weeks ago and he requested I make cupcake cones instead of regular cupcakes this year. I am always up for cupcakes with a twist! Therefore, I accepted his challenge and I have to admit- I had way more fun than usual decorating these. If you need a cupcake “update” I would recommend giving this a try since it’s so simple. All you have to do is choose the cupcake flavor and icing (I actually just used store bought box mix for these) and then instead of baking in little cups you bake them into the cones. It would be adorable for a summer barbeque or birthday (just in case you’re planning that far ahead)!


3 thoughts on “cupcake cones.

  1. Cute Pam Have you tried the decoration tool with these? It looks like you had. /jer

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    Romney/Ryan 2012

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