cold weather.

{scarf: jcrew, gloves: gift, bag: italy}

The temperatures have been getting cooler and cooler so extra layers have been added and the scarves, hats, and gloves have all been pulled out and put on show. I thought I would go ahead and share a few things that have been on heavy rotation. I have found it increasingly difficult to do any kind of outfit photos lately due to the weather and the fact that my husband/photographer has been working crazy hours. Please forgive me while I get back on track with those things. Anyway, since moving to Vancouver I have learned to never leave the house without an umbrella or a pair of gloves in the winter. This year has been a little less intense for the simple fact that I knew what was coming and was thoroughly prepared! Plus, my collection of scarves has almost doubled!!

{blue & purple: italy, leopard: jcrew, black and pattern: gift}

{flower headband: forever21, scarf: italy, gloves: target}

{tall socks from target, h&m, and forever21}

{hat: abercrombie & fitch, gloves: nesters, bag: italy}


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