IMG_0591Well… just as I had intended to get back to blogging things got crazy and my creative outlet got pushed down to the bottom of my incredibly long to-do list. It has been another whirlwind the past few months. Last time I updated I was about to give birth any day- I am incredibly happy to report I have given birth, had an international move, unpacked an entire apartment, and somehow made time to enjoy a few celebrations in between! Life is just outrageous sometimes so heres the scope. Being the wife of an extremely talented animator I encouraged him to apply for one of the famous animation studios when they were hiring back in December. Fast forward to the end of February, he gets a call from this company asking to do a skype interview and then a couple days later they were sending over an offer. It all happened so quickly we barely had time to process what was really going on, add a newborn to the mix (born at the end of January – that story coming next!) and it was all just totally insane. We somehow managed to find an apartment, plan an international move, get our newborn a passport, and squeeze in a few doctors appointments in two short weeks! Then it was off to California with our six week old baby and cat. Needless to say things were stressful and exciting and just all around nuts! But I am happy to report things have since settled down and I’m ready to get this blog updated with all the amazing things happening!


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