Mom to Mom.


After having Avery and then moving I had to kind of start over in a way. I left my friends and their babies that I planned on having play dates with. Really, I had to let go of the whole idea of what life with a baby would be like. All those “I’ll take him to this park” and “go to this music class” was over. I was overwhelmed thinking about having to make friends in a new place with a baby- It seems impossible!  It took me a couple months but I was finally able to go to the local Mommy Meetup and it was so amazing to meet some other Moms and for Avery to get some extra social interaction (other than this). I really think it’s so important for Mom’s to have a support system and I would encourage all the Mom’s out there to look into doing something like this in their area. I have found that as I am becoming more involved with social baby and me type activities the happier we both are. It gives me something to look forward to during the week and honestly sometimes you just need that when you are having a bad teething day or had a bad nights sleep. As for Avery, I think he is just a social butterfly that loves being in social settings. Although this time he was just infatuated with the grass… it was new to him and I’m just glad he didn’t pull it out and put it straight in his mouth (which is pretty much what he does with anything in his hands).



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