Feels like Summer!


When we lived in California before, we lived in the Santa Monica area. This time we are located in the Burbank area which means we are in “The Valley”. This means summer is a whole new ball game. It gets about 10 degrees hotter or colder in the valley meaning when it’s hot, it’s really hot! I experienced this for the first time this past weekend when there was a heat wave. It was like summer was here and it made me want to start planning all kinds of fun activities. Luckily we have a fabulous pool and central air… otherwise I doubt we would make it though summer in the valley. Im very much looking forward to pool days, popsicles, BBQ’s, and movie marathons these coming months. Now that Avery is here I want to make sure he gets to do as many fun things as possible, I know he is still to little to know what’s going on but that doesn’t mean we can’t start our family traditions!




IMG_0591Well… just as I had intended to get back to blogging things got crazy and my creative outlet got pushed down to the bottom of my incredibly long to-do list. It has been another whirlwind the past few months. Last time I updated I was about to give birth any day- I am incredibly happy to report I have given birth, had an international move, unpacked an entire apartment, and somehow made time to enjoy a few celebrations in between! Life is just outrageous sometimes so heres the scope. Being the wife of an extremely talented animator I encouraged him to apply for one of the famous animation studios when they were hiring back in December. Fast forward to the end of February, he gets a call from this company asking to do a skype interview and then a couple days later they were sending over an offer. It all happened so quickly we barely had time to process what was really going on, add a newborn to the mix (born at the end of January – that story coming next!) and it was all just totally insane. We somehow managed to find an apartment, plan an international move, get our newborn a passport, and squeeze in a few doctors appointments in two short weeks! Then it was off to California with our six week old baby and cat. Needless to say things were stressful and exciting and just all around nuts! But I am happy to report things have since settled down and I’m ready to get this blog updated with all the amazing things happening!



My husband is a horse lover (any animal really) but especially horses and we decided to take advantage of the Odesseo show while it was here in Vancouver. We paid the extra money for the better seats and VIP lounge extras and it was totally worth it! Especially while being pregnant. They had a special room with a buffet and drinks all set up for us and a nice little photo book as a free keepsake. In addition to all that the show is fantastic! So amazing to see in person. They have horse riding tricks, crazy acrobatic dancers, special circus type acts (like silks & rings) and the live band is great! We were not permitted to take photos during the show but as part of the “VIP” ticket you get to go back to the stables to see the horses after the show (so awesome). To be honest neither of us knew what to expect so we were totally blown away. If you love any of those things or just want a fun date night and the show is in your area I highly recommend seeing it!






{trees look good in snow}

Although I’m not a fan of cold I have to say this winter has been particularly enjoyable. We have had a couple of snow days here in Vancouver which is kinda unusual so we took advantage and made them as fun as we could. I love making these memories with my husband and it makes me even more excited for our baby!

{we built a pregnant snow woman}

{we built a pregnant snow woman}

{our snowy street}

{our snowy street}

night lights.


{Friday night in Gastown}

There is something extra special about pretty street lights at night… ¬†Gastown’s old fashioned street lights stole my heart last weekend so I’ll be paying extra attention to all the sparkling lights this weekend (especially since there are so many holiday lights out now!). Hope you catch a glimpse of something special too!!

sweet as honey.

I usually have at least two cups of tea a day… One in the afternoon and one before bed. Although I typically omitted honey in my daily tea ritual I have recently changed my mind. While I was back in Savannah I got a jar of my all time favorite honey. It’s a local honey that is made right there and with local bees. It’s by Savannah Bee Company and the tupelo is my favorite {just for reference}. I only tell you this because I have started putting it in or on about everything. In my tea, on a warm biscuit, drizzled on apples. I just can’t get enough! If you make it to Savannah or are a honey connoisseur you need to try this brand!

Also, a fun little fact- my name Pamela is of greek origin meaning sweet as honey. I guess it was only a matter of time before I embraced my sweet tooth.

Matt and Kim in Vancouver!

{came out energetic and dancing of course!}

I have to admit that I haven’t been to a ton of concerts, but out of the ones I have been too this one was definitely the most fun. It was like a party with live music. Matt and Kim (especially Kim) have so much energy while preforming it’s hard not to feel it too. I left with a smile on my face and I can say with certainty that if I ever have the chance to see them live again I won’t be able to pass up that opportunity. It was a great time with friends and it made me love their music even more. If you are a fan and haven’t seen them yet, I highly recommend it!

{ballon party for the crowd}

{I got a great shot of kim playing!}

{kim literally dancing on the crowds hands}

piazza san marco.

Other than the little ally ways and canals, the Piazza San Marco was quintessentially Venice to me. We spent a good amount of our trip there shopping, enjoying the architecture, and feeding the pigeons. Even though it was definitely the most crowded area of Venice it was the area I remember most. These photos don’t do it justice but I hope you can tell why I was smitten…

fall favorites.

{AMAZING tree near Coal Harbour}

Even though I’m not a fan of cold weather, I do enjoy the briskness of a nice fall day. Pumpkin flavored everything, pretty leaves, cozy sweaters, and of course some of my favorite holidays (which means some serious baking) make up my fall favorites. Since last year was my first fall in Vancouver I wasn’t really sure what to expect. This year, however, I know to take full advantage of this season and not let it fade away without my enjoyment of those little things that make it so special.

{pumpkin spice latte from starbucks}

{one of my favorite transition sweaters}

{pie dough for mini pies from last year- can’t wait to do this again!}

{a bench covered with leaves, perfect for enjoying a pumpkin spice latte}