Halfy Birthday!

Today Avery is 6 months old! I can’t even believe it… He is crawling, sitting on his own, and trying new foods. I definitely miss how tiny and fresh he was 6 months ago but I do love his little personality developing more and more. Also, although he is a pretty high energy baby, we still have moments of sweet cuddles which I am savoring even more these days. Now, to start planning his 1st birthday!!



Summer bucket list.


Since it is officially summer I am trying to take full advantage of everything summer related, that’s why I made a summer bucket list so we can make some amazing memories!

1. Watch a sunset at the beach

2. Lot’s of pool lounging

3. Make homemade popsicles

4. Watch fireworks

5. Eat BBQ!

6. Picnic at the park

7. Take an adventure to Disneyland

8. Make fresh lemonade

9. Go to the farmers market

10. Eat as many smores as posible

Baby and me yoga!


While I was pregnant I started taking prenatal yoga… I had never taken yoga before but thought it might be the best time to try it out and surprise, surprise I loved it! It truly helped me during my labor and I was excited to take Avery to the baby and me yoga class when he was old enough… Then came the move and things got shaken up. My husband being the amazing guy he is found a baby and me yoga class close to our new apartment for us to try out. Turns out Avery loves going even more than I do! So now it’s a twice a week thing- it’s amazing meeting other Moms and watching Avery interact with the other babies!!

Fathers & Sons


First off, Happy Father’s Day to all you Fathers, Grandfathers, and Father Figures! We celebrated our first Father’s Day by waking up extra early and surprising Dad with donuts and gifts, then we headed to his favorite little sandwich shop for lunch. Nothing to exciting but it’s exactly what he wanted to do! From the moment my husband found out about Avery he pretty much began his journey to becoming the Dad he is today. They have a truly special bond… it’s fascinating to watch. When I see them together I am absolutely sure they are meant to be Father & Son. He is a perfect role model for him and I can’t wait to see when they do next. His excitement and commitment to being Avery’s Dad is unparalleled.



4 months!


Avery is officially 4 month old! It seems like the days are flying by but going so slow at the same time… I love how his little personality is developing everyday. He loves to laugh, play pick-a-boo, blow spit bubbles, and smile at himself in the mirror. He has also started rolling over front to back and back to front which means diaper changes are more challenging than ever and he has a tooth that has already broken through. Teething hasn’t been to bad but he certainly has his days/moments when it seems like it bothers him but for the most part he is one happy boy!

He just had his 4 month checkup and shots and his growth is right on point which is always reassuring as a new Mom. We also just adjusted his Stokki crib from the bassinet size to the full crib size witch was bitter sweet but exciting. Since he no longer is swaddled during sleep he tends to sleep on his side which I feel is kind of unusual for a baby but maybe not… I was feeling nervous about his sleep positions but the doctor said it’s fine. If there is one thing I have learned in these 4 months it’s that every baby is different and sometimes you just have to let your little one do what works for them… even if other Mom are there to judge you.

Feels like Summer!


When we lived in California before, we lived in the Santa Monica area. This time we are located in the Burbank area which means we are in “The Valley”. This means summer is a whole new ball game. It gets about 10 degrees hotter or colder in the valley meaning when it’s hot, it’s really hot! I experienced this for the first time this past weekend when there was a heat wave. It was like summer was here and it made me want to start planning all kinds of fun activities. Luckily we have a fabulous pool and central air… otherwise I doubt we would make it though summer in the valley. Im very much looking forward to pool days, popsicles, BBQ’s, and movie marathons these coming months. Now that Avery is here I want to make sure he gets to do as many fun things as possible, I know he is still to little to know what’s going on but that doesn’t mean we can’t start our family traditions!



IMG_0591Well… just as I had intended to get back to blogging things got crazy and my creative outlet got pushed down to the bottom of my incredibly long to-do list. It has been another whirlwind the past few months. Last time I updated I was about to give birth any day- I am incredibly happy to report I have given birth, had an international move, unpacked an entire apartment, and somehow made time to enjoy a few celebrations in between! Life is just outrageous sometimes so heres the scope. Being the wife of an extremely talented animator I encouraged him to apply for one of the famous animation studios when they were hiring back in December. Fast forward to the end of February, he gets a call from this company asking to do a skype interview and then a couple days later they were sending over an offer. It all happened so quickly we barely had time to process what was really going on, add a newborn to the mix (born at the end of January – that story coming next!) and it was all just totally insane. We somehow managed to find an apartment, plan an international move, get our newborn a passport, and squeeze in a few doctors appointments in two short weeks! Then it was off to California with our six week old baby and cat. Needless to say things were stressful and exciting and just all around nuts! But I am happy to report things have since settled down and I’m ready to get this blog updated with all the amazing things happening!

me moment.


It is so incredibly important to take a “me moment” those days you feel like things aren’t going your way, or things just seem overwhelming. I hope everyone takes a nice “me moment” this weekend- whether it be a yoga class, getting some reading done, or just enjoying a nice almond croissant!

Chihuly glass museum.


{one of my favorite rooms}

While on our tip, we decided to duck into one of the museums during a rainy day. I was actually pretty excited because my glass curiosity has continued to grow immensely since visiting Murano Island in Italy (see that post here). I was totally blown away by this exhibit. Dale Chihuly has created so many different glass pieces ranging from chandeliers to garden flowers. It was definitely one of the highlights of our trip so I thought it deserved it’s very own post!


{in the green house}


{just some of the chandeliers}


{a section outside in the actual garden}


{this was one of my favorite pieces in the garden}