Fathers & Sons


First off, Happy Father’s Day to all you Fathers, Grandfathers, and Father Figures! We celebrated our first Father’s Day by waking up extra early and surprising Dad with donuts and gifts, then we headed to his favorite little sandwich shop for lunch. Nothing to exciting but it’s exactly what he wanted to do! From the moment my husband found out about Avery he pretty much began his journey to becoming the Dad he is today. They have a truly special bond… it’s fascinating to watch. When I see them together I am absolutely sure they are meant to be Father & Son. He is a perfect role model for him and I can’t wait to see when they do next. His excitement and commitment to being Avery’s Dad is unparalleled.




Donut day!


Today is Friday and National Donut Day! I don’t know if it gets much better than that. I hope you all are treating yourself to as many donuts as your belly can hold and topping it off with a happy weekend!

party garland.

When hosting any kind of party I think it’s important to have some sort of festive decor. It just elevates the fun factor. When I recently hosted a little get together for my girlfriend (see here) I knew I wanted to attempt the oh so girly tassel garland I keep seeing everywhere. I loosely followed this tutorial and was thrilled with the outcome. I love mine so much I decided to hang it in the office- a la Emily of cupcakes and cashmere. I also have the urge to make new garland for every event, holiday, and special occasion I can think of!

red & white.

{the crowd at canada place}

This past weekend was about red, white, maple leaves, and of course the love of Canada. I would say our first Canada day was a success. I truly loved taking in all things Canada and experiencing a new kind of celebration!!

{the parade}

{in the crowd waiting for fireworks}

{an amazing end of big beautiful fireworks}

extended weekend.

{pink and plum in the sand}

  I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial day weekend! Mine consisted of beach time, delicious food, some shopping, and lots of relaxation. It feels like a great start to summer!

{my favorite wings}

{sun, sand, and a new bathing suit!}

{delicious coconut shrimp!}

{baby fish}

Sunday Celebration.

{my favorite eggs}

Some of my fondest memories from childhood are of Easter Sundays. I remember tons of family getting together to celebrate at my Great Grandmothers which meant lots of excitement for us kids. Two things were certain on that day. We always had more food than we knew what to do with and I always made a mess coloring the eggs. This year I put my egg dying skills to the test and also tried my hand at some classic holiday recipes! I hope you all got your fill of chocolate bunnies, peeps, and jellybeans!!

{the dinner spread}

{first time I made deviled eggs}

{festive straws and fresh flowers}

love day.

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you all had a wonderful day full of the sweetest of treats and as much love as your heart could handle! As for me, I had a lovely day with my favorite person and feline. Also, I finally had a reason to wear those bright pink glasses I bought for my Halloween costume. I think I’ll make it a Valentine’s tradition. xoxo