Flowers at the door.


On Wednesday I woke up with the baby, did our usual routine, headed to yoga, then errands… Running errands with a baby is always difficult but when you return home and there are beautiful flowers waiting for you, your day suddenly seems worth the extra 30 minutes it took to get out the door. I believe everyone should receive surprise flowers at some point in their life. You can’t help but smile! Happy weekend!


a tiffany blue birthday.


My birthday was on Saturday and it was just amazing. My husband went above and beyond, I feel so lucky to have such an amazing person in my life. He made the whole weekend absolutely perfect! He totally surprised me with a little blue box… After he gave me my card and a few little gifts he told me to go get ready to go and when I came out of the bedroom there was a little Tiffany’s bag right there. Beyond sweet.



When my ridiculously sweet husband bought these gorgeous peonies from the street vender on a random walk yesterday evening I couldn’t help but smile the whole way home. It’s moments like those that make me admire what a great love we have. I hope you can ¬†find something to admire this weekend and smile until your cheeks hurt. xx