Baby and me yoga!


While I was pregnant I started taking prenatal yoga… I had never taken yoga before but thought it might be the best time to try it out and surprise, surprise I loved it! It truly helped me during my labor and I was excited to take Avery to the baby and me yoga class when he was old enough… Then came the move and things got shaken up. My husband being the amazing guy he is found a baby and me yoga class close to our new apartment for us to try out. Turns out Avery loves going even more than I do! So now it’s a twice a week thing- it’s amazing meeting other Moms and watching Avery interact with the other babies!!


My first Mother’s Day!


So yesterday was my first Mother’s day. To be honest I still don’t feel like a “Mom”. Every time the doctor or anyone for that matter refers to me as Mom or Momma I kind of have to stop and think… then I realize they are referring to me and after the awkward pause that it took me to process the fact that the doctor saying “How’s Momma doing today?” is directed toward me passes I finally respond. Anyway, on to Mother’s day. I got to sleep in just a little bit and woke up to flowers and a picture frame then we went to breakfast where I indulged in a waffle and from there it was off to the Descanso Gardens. All in all it was a perfect first Mother’s day. I feel so lucky I get to be a Mom. It is honestly one of the most fun things ever and I love doing everything with my boys so yesterday was pretty amazing! Hope all you Moms had a great day too!!